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Exercise and nutrition programs to suit your lifestyle


Exercise and nutrition plans

Online training & nutrition plans designed for those who are self-motivated and are keen to make sure they're working towards their personal goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. These plans include both in-gym and home workouts depending on your situation.


In-Gym Personal Training

Highly customised and results-based personal training for those that require guidance, motivation and accountability. Individually tailored and regularly updated exercise programs and nutrition consultations supplement all training sessions. 


IN-Gym small group training

For those looking for the attention of a personal trainer without the price tag, Dexter facilitates small group training sessions (capped at 4 people) that will challenge you and keep you motivated. Individual tracking ensures each person in the group achieve their personal goals.


No matter how jam-packed your schedule, regular exercise shouldn't be out of reach.

Dexter works specifically with busy professionals to tailor exercise programs you can complete anywhere, whether you're in the gym or on the move.


More than just a PT

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 

Dexter believes that each and every one of his clients are capable of achieving their goals through support and guidance no matter where they are starting from. Dexter is on hand to help you not only with that first step, but the 1000 steps after as you work towards reaching your health and fitness goals. A highly qualified personal trainer with two university degrees, Dexter also provides specialised services for those with specific needs including pre & post natal and injury rehabilitation.



Taste + nourishment

With a Bachelor of Science majoring in nutrition and a qualification in Precision Nutrition, Dexter's nutrition plans are tailored to your goals. 

Designed to be sustainable and enjoyable, all nutrition plans include recipes, shopping lists and health and lifestyle tips that compliment your training and will keep your body fuelled with delicious and healthy foods.


What others have said


Dexter's approach to my training has been first class and on point with my personal objectives to maintain flexibility and improve overall conditioning and strength. Most importantly, Dexter tailors each session specifically for my goals with enough variety to maintain my enthusiasm. His infectious positive attitude makes training truly enjoyable!

Frazer Moss

Busy lawyer and father of 3

In-gym training & personal exercise program


Dexter has helped me get into peak fitness and shape. He took the time to get a real understanding of my body's ability and nutritional needs, crafting a program designed for my personal goals. When I found out I was pregnant, Dexter applied specialised training throughout my pregnancy. This training meant I was able to have a smooth and successful labour and quick recovery. 

Anne Agnew

General Manager, trained throughout pregnancy

In-gym training & personal exercise program


Ladies of Brisbane if you are looking for a plan and trainer to help you stay on track and working hard Dexter is your guy! I could not recommend him enough - he really gets to understand what you want to achieve, is a great teacher with technique, and gives you everything you need to be able to work out on your own and feel comfortable in the gym (and get a full chin up out!).

Trudi Saul

Marketing Manager

In-gym training & personal exercise program


Let's get started!

Book a complimentary consultation in-gym or online and find out how Dexter can help you achieve your exercise, nutrition and wellbeing goals.


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